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Roxicodone (Oxycodone) Uses, Dose, warning – Everything you need to know

Oxycodone Hydrochloride is the generic name of the Roxicodone and one of the most powerful medication for pain. It is an opioid medication that is designed for to reduced pain. It is also known as a narcotic pain reliever and usually, it works by relaxing the pain when we occurred in our body.

Oxycodone ( trade name Roxicodone ) is a semi-synthetic opioid synthesized from poppy-derived thebaine. It was developed in 1916 Germany to improve on the existing opioids. This is a single-ingredient medication for immediate and controlled release and also available in combination products formulated with non-narcotic ingredients such as Tylenol and NSAIDs(Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs).

It is a very dominant drug, and dependency can happen approximately in a short time. Roxicodone help to improve the quality of life for those who have many types of pain. It medically effects brought the change in the brain and the body to respond to the pain.

Uses for taking Roxicodone 

  • Roxicodone pills are prescribed to reduced to severe pain. It is one of the powerful medications are used to relieve strong pain in people who are expected to need pain medicine that cannot be treated with another medicine.
  • This medicine is prescribe for the patients who have moderate pain or stiff pain caused by injury.
  • It also uses in regarding for non-cancer-related chronic pain.
  • It also commonly used for postoperative pain management of Central Powers soldiers.

Some points while taking Roxicodone 

  1. Before taking Roxicodone read all the medicine guide prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Usually, it will taken before or after meal for every 4 to 6 hours, either as needed for pain or as regularly scheduling.
  3. If you take this medicine for a long time and you feel that it may not work as well, talk to your doctor.
  4. Before using this medicine tell your doctor about your medical history, especially brain disorders, breathing problems, kidney disease and liver disease.
  5. If you have ever missed your dose then take it as soon as possible whenever you remember that you forget your medicine but don’t try to take
  6. Do not stop taking Roxicodone without asking our doctor. If you stop taking this medicine suddenly, then you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, muscle or joint aches or pains and so on.
  7. Don’t increase your dose before asking your doctor.

Dosage for Roxicodone 

Roxicodone /Oxycodone pills dosage depends on the patients on such factors such as age, weight and drug tolerance. Roxicodone medicine dosage forms come:

  • 10 mg tablets contain hydroxypropyl cellulose.
  • 15 mg tablets contain black, yellow and red iron oxide.
  • 20 mg tablets contain polysorbate 80 and red iron oxide.
  • 30 mg tablets contain polysorbate 80, red, yellow and black iron oxide.
  • 40 mg tablets contain polysorbate 80 and yellow iron oxide.
  • 60 mg tablets contain polysorbate 80, red and black iron oxide.

Some side effects of Roxicodone:

Some side effects you know about while taking the Roxicodone medicine that will help you to talk your doctor if these symptoms occur in our body. These are as follows:

  • Abnormally Low Blood Pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Faint
  • Feeling Weak
  • Head Pain
  • Dry Mouth
  • Fever
  • Itching
  • Nervous Stomach Cramps
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting

Warning while using Roxicodone:

  1. Roxicodone is a prescription medication.
  2. If you take the medicine do not drive and operate heavy machinery until you don’t know how it will react in our body.
  3. While using Roxicodone, do not drink alcohol. It may increase the chance of dangerous side effects.
  4. Don’t take it other medicine without concern our doctor while using this medicine.
  5. Never take Roxicodone if you are pregnant.
  6. Don’t do breastfeeding while taking Roxicodone medicine it ma harmful for our newborn baby.
  7. In high doses or overdoses some people not tolerant to this medicine and may cause shallow breathing slowed heart rate low blood pressure and so on.

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